Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Patch: Part 1

We went to Uncle Shuck's Pumpkin Patch today.  
We found all sorts of pumpkins to explore and learn about.
Fearless daughter was certainly in her element.
She touched every single pumpkin she could reach and tried to eat about 10 of them.
It was certainly funny for us to watch.
Between trying to eat the pumpkins, the mulch, the hay, and the dirt...
People probably thought she was starving.

Hayes was really into picking out a pumpkin for himself and making sure it was just right.
I think we've been reading Goldilocks and he's heard that story just a little too much.
They were all too big, too little, and then finally just right.
I am thrilled to know he's paying attention, but golly doodle... the kid is picky!

See those weird pumpkins with bumps in that picture?
I wanted to get some pictures of Hayes inspecting them and touching them.
He refused until Daddy and I demonstrated that they were not toxic or deadly or awful.
They were just bumpy and different than the other pumpkins.
I explained that God made them special so we could see how they can all be pretty.

He was busily reorganizing the pumpkins when he saw fit.
He is his mother's child.
Reorganization and ordering things by size are always okay.
He carried that pumpkin around for 20 minutes until he found the perfect spot for it.
We bought a few small pumpkins to bring home and paint.
We also got a HUGE pumpkin so we could cut it open and play in pumpkin guts.

Elizabeth was quite captivated with the white pumpkins.
I don't know how they end up white, do you?
Are they albino pumpkins with no pigment?
Do they intend on making white pumpkins?
I had no idea they were a REAL LIVE thing until today.
I thought white pumpkins only existed in craft stores, wrong.
She loved them and loved to touch them.

 The kids got to pick out their OWN little pumpkins for us to bring home to paint.
I can't wait to cut them into pieces for us to make some 'pumpkin stamps'.
We are also going to paint the outside of the pumpkins and display them on the porch.
I think we had a good time!
We explored the pumpkins, went on a hayride, ran through the corn maze, fed the goats, and played on the giant tire mountain.
Stay tuned for the rest of our Pumpkin Patch adventures!

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