Friday, October 12, 2012

The giant pile of tires and mud and hay... Pumpkin Patch Reprise

The pumpkin patch was home to the giant pile of tires.
My babies quickly saw that as an invitation to explore.
It was a challenge for them both.

She was determined to climb just like Hayes.
Never mind that the tires were TWICE her size....
Again, challenge.
She was not going to be out done by her big brother.

Climbing attempt 1...

Doh.... try again...

She begins to climb up again.
Mind you, nothing is going to stop her.
She probably fell backwards about 5 times.
She fell forward and slid back down on her belly about 10 times.
She was not going to stop going up that mountain in front of her.
I can only hope that she tackles her life the same way!
 Meanwhile, he's busily trying to break his neck jumping from tire to tire.
Jordan and I both almost had a heart attack at one point.
I swear it looked like he jumped from one to another in a fish like attempt.
He flopped around for a minute and then got up to run around again.
She made it up after about 3 attempts to climb.
Stubborn little girl!

It was at this point that Daryk looked at me and said,
"We have an extra change of clothes in the car, right?"
I only laughed out loud!
Of course! 
A good momma knows better than to have just ONE change of clothes.
We had 3.  Just in case.
You never know when you might encounter large tires, mud, and hay!
Today was OUR day!

Pile of tires+hay+mud=slide?
Yes.  I think so.
Unfortunately, I did not get any shots of them sliding down belly first.
Elizabeth had scratches on her tummy for a few days after.
These two treated this mound of dirt like it was the set of American Gladiators.
Y'all remember that show?

She was more than pleased to be sliding down on her bottom and having a GREAT time!
She's so precious.
It was hilarious to watch her explore.
She chased Hayes everywhere.
If he was going up, she was right behind him.
If he was coming down, she was trying to catch him!

Love my messy girl and her sweet heart!

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