Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Patch... con't...

We started the day at the pumpkin patch by running through a corn maze.
Well, Hayes and Daddy were running.
Elizabeth, Jordan, and I were trying to catch up.
Elizabeth was quite content to be running after Hayes the entire time.
Hayes was quite content to RUN everywhere.
He doesn't ever slow down.
He wakes up in the morning YELLING at us to come get him.
And he goes to bed with the same energy!
Oh... to be an almost 3 year old with endless energy...

In the middle of the corn maze was a tower to climb.
Hayes jumped up the stairs after his Daddy.
He looks quite pleased with himself, doesn't he?

This chic was pretty happy just chilling at the bottom of the stairs.
There was a little platform she could climb up and down.
She loved it!
Jordan stood on the other side to make sure she didn't fall down and die.

I'm sorry, when did my baby girl get so big?
Who is that kid!?

You see it.
It happened.
Daryk's cousin Jeremy (who just passed the bar in GA) informed up that peeing in public was ok.
As long as you are Hayes.
He said, "What are they gonna do, arrest HIM?"
Okay good.  Not likely.
So that makes it okay right?

She is a handful.
No smiles, but I did get the tongue stuck out.
Love this little girl.
The corn maze was super fun, even though all we did was chase the kids in circles!
Two of those mazes were over a mile long!
Thank goodness my babies have a short attention span...
or we would probably still be chasing them around!

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