Friday, December 13, 2013

I not feeling too good

So, this little guy wasn't feeling so great last week.
I took the day off work on Friday to tend to his sickies.
Thankfully I listened to my village and took them BOTH to the doctor.
Both had strep.
YAY for sick babies!
Except not.
We managed to log 900 games of Candyland in our pajamas while on sick leave.
He's really good at that game or I don't pay attention...
He won most of the games we actually finished.

And when we finally got to an 'I finally feel better point' I got this cheese ball face.
He says, 'Take my picture Mommy.'
And then demands to see it and take at least 60 more.
He's been hanging out with Aunt LeighLeigh toooooo much lately.

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