Monday, December 30, 2013

2013... lovely year....


It was a long year.
We celebrated a 3 year old in January.
You can read my summary here.

It was the year we took our littles to see The Mouse in February.
February wrap ups consist of several birthdays, here.

March brought me a 'I'm too old to play soccer' injury.
I wrote about Disney and how I broke my leg here.

April came and we had a cousin play date.
I also talk about being a mom and getting ready in the mornings.

May=The Treuman Show.
There aren't enough words.
It was epic.

June brought me a 40 year old husband.  
And the summer of the princess and the pirate.
I love summer.

Clearly, July was busy.
I wrote 3 blog entries.
But I painted my bedroom and my bathroom.
That counts?

August brought us Baby #3.
We were thrilled, elated, terrified, scared...
And we celebrated my baby girl turning 2.

The kids started school in September.
Hayes and Libby are at the ELC and love it!
We also had a holiday.

October held a big secret for us.
We learned if baby #3 was a boy or a girl.
Pink it is!

November brought us a new ALX season.
I ended my 'cheer coaching' career.
And we went to see The Mouse on Ice.

We had a few sick days in December.
We had cookies for dinner.
And we had a fabulous Christmas with family.

Tomorrow I'll post my 2014 To-Do list.
I cannot wait to share my goals with you guys!

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