Friday, December 27, 2013

Recap of 2013 Goals.... 2014 to come next week.

I vow to complete at LEAST 13 tasks.

Errrrrrrr, I think I managed to 'complete' about 6.
Crumbs and biscuits....

1.  Run one race a month.  Half marathon, 5k, 10k, something.  Every month.
I'm going to need a small loan to finance all those races.

I ran about 3 races this year?
Clearly I need to step up my game.

2.  Pay off all the medical bills.
Between the summer of ear infections and Daryk's gall bladder... we have a handful.
Thankfully, we also have jobs to pay for them.
And auto pay through our bank which is all set up and should be done paying in August.

I have accomplished this task, but then we got pregnant and got a new set of bills!

3.  Pay off Daryk's truck.... and buy a minivan.
There, I said it.
We're buying a minivan.
Daniel says I should make Daryk drive it.
I think he would do it with pride.
And he would rock it.

We paid off the truck!
We will buy a minivan in February or March of 2014.
I had hoped the minivan would come in December of 2013, but I can wait.
I will continue to snowball that truck payment towards our credit cards or medical bills.

4.  Learn to focus on the task at hand.
Stop spending time trying to accomplish 14 things at once, do one thing.
Finish that task and move to the next one.
This will be the biggest struggle for me.

I feel like this will be something I struggle with until I die.
I have learned to spend time with my children and just be their mother.
I've learned to put down my phone and just be with them.

5.  Grow a summer garden consisting of tomatoes and herbs.
I love tomatoes in the summer.
And I'd LOVE to be able to cook with fresh herbs all summer.

No garden in 2013.
This is going to be my 2014 goal.
I really want some of my own veggies and herbs!

6.  Create or craft something new every month.
Doesn't have to be a HUGE craft or creation, but something,  nonetheless.

I made a lot of hairbows.
And I used my sewing machine a lot...
That totally counts right?

7.  Play soccer with grown ups.
And have fun.
This should start around spring-ish.

This was one of the best things I've ever done for myself...
I had a blast.
I might not be the worlds best defender, but I had so much fun.
I cannot wait to play again.

8.  Read one book every month for fun.
Grand total of 12 books.
If I read MORE than that, I'll make myself cupcakes.

I read a lot of books.
I read 3 on summer vacation.
I read a handful of them throughout the rest of the year and enjoyed them.

9.  Use my food dehydrator for fruit and such.
New adventures for healthy snacks for me and the kiddos.

Yeah, didn't happen.
That thing is a pain to get out and deal with and clean.
Maybe this year?

10.  Blog at least four times a week.

I think I did pretty well with this goal!
I blogged more often this year, 133 blog entries to date.
After I recap Christmas, I'll have a few more.
I had 193 entries for 2012, so I missed my mark a bit...

11.  Print pictures of my kids every month to give or mail to my family.

Epic fail here.
No pictures printed.
None sent to anyone.
Maybe I can just make everyone a calendar for 2015?

12.  Paint and decorate.  this.  house.  
Starting with the kitchen.  
Like, yesterday.

Ohhhhhhhhh, I got this one!
I did the kitchen, master bedroom AND bathroom.
That's 3 rooms in 1 year.
Granted, I've 8 more to go....
I should be finished by 2020?

13.  Organize the bleeping garage.
Will be the death of me and a never ending task, but alas, it must be done.

We do this at least once a month.
Why do we have SO MUCH STUFF!?
I feel like the never ending yard sale people... 
Eventually once my little people are not so little we will have less garage stuff...
I think.

And these are the others that are floating in my head....

clean out the closets and storage areas of my home
I do this often as well.

reward my fitness efforts with yoga pants, not for yoga, just lounging because I love those pants.
I buy too many pairs of yoga pants.

potty train Libby James late summer
Potty training in progress over Christmas break.
It is going VERY well!

I shall update you all every month on how the list is coming along and what I get done, or not...
Obviously, some of these things will not get done until later in the year.
They are my goals.
My tasks to complete.
I believe I only updated this list once this year, clearly that should be a 2014 goal.

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