Thursday, March 6, 2014

I bought a minivan.

I don't know when my mind was changed, but at some point along in this parenting journey I changed my mind and decided to dive headfirst into the world of the minivan.  I had zero desire to do this until I experienced loading two small people into my small SUV and wrestling them into their car seats while freezing or getting rained on or sweating.  I made up my mind to start shopping for a new mode of transport once I realized that wrestling 3 of them wasn't going to get easier AND the car seats wouldn't fit in my Escape.  I loved my little road turtle and I was sad to see her go, but she will get to live a fun life with a college kid from here on out.  

I bought this beauty and I'm in love.
She has more gadgets than a spaceship.  The doors open at the push of a button.  Several buttons actually.  I don't have to wrestle them into their seats or the car anymore.  I'm thrilled that they can also climb into the car by themselves.  No more wrestling for me... for now.  She has a DVD player (praise God) and leather seats.  The bonus was a sunroof and a heat/ac control board that I'm still trying to learn how to use...

Ignore my extremely tidy garage shot...

The weekend we were car shopping happened to be right after the second nasty snow/ice storm and my parents were kind enough to take the kids!  We had already planned for them to go to the lake for that weekend.  Instead of watching a state wrestling tournament I managed to buy a minivan and get a stomach virus all in one day!  Pretty sure my children had a much more enjoyable Saturday than I did!

They got ice cream and played on a playground!

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