Friday, March 7, 2014

I do it by myself!

Uncle Jeff made this gorgeous stained glass decor for us for Christmas.  It has been living in our kitchen since then.  We couldn't decide/agree on where it should have a permanent home.  We debated on our bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, etc.  All of these rooms are on the backside of our home and see the best sunshine of the day, so they were all a no brainer for that reason.  However, most of them are not rooms that people visit often and we wanted to show it off!  So, the kitchen won.  

After some cabinet climbing (with my giant belly) and some adjusting, I finally got it where I wanted it!  I was so thrilled with how it looks.  I keep telling Jeff I need another one for my other window.  And we also have this GIANT window at the front of the house he needs to help me decorate.  Yes?  

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