Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Moments

One of my most favorite students made Elizabeth her own 'garf' for wear.  I was thankful because it meant I didn't have to share with her anymore.  It also happens to be her FAVORITE color and she's in love with it.  She's only worn it once in public, but she wears it around the house all the time!  I think it was a hit?  Yeah?
Typically, Elizabeth is my sleeper.  She sleeps later in the mornings and later after her nap.  Occasionally I get some time with just Hayes.  While he wasn't a super cuddly infant, he is a very cuddly preschooler.  He climbs up very close and wants to sit in your lap.  He likes to hug and give kisses too.  It is a huge change from his infant behaviors of 'get away from me and don't touch me'... and I love it, chocolate smudge and all.

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