Sunday, March 16, 2014

JAdore Influenster Box

Ok.  First of all, if you aren't an Influenster, you need to get on that... like now.  Second of all, I love getting all these goodies for FREE and being able to try new things.  This box was one that I knew my entire family would LOVE and be able to use.  I got a bottle of spray Vaseline lotion for Daryk to use.  Though I must confess, I've used it a lot here lately.  It is increasingly difficult to lotion the legs with this growing belly.  I'm glad to have that spray feature.  The John Freida Frizz Ease has been a lifesaver here in humid Georgia weather.  If you live around here, you know.  And if you don't know, be thankful.  I'm not a huge fan of the hot tea because I'm limited to what I can drink these days since I'm pregnant.  I did have a little cup today since it was rainy and chilly outside.  Warmed me right up!

I've added the KISS lashes to my ever growing collection and I'll be using those at prom this year or for Leigh's wedding in May.  Along with that, I've had to put a hold on any other facemasks until I deliver Spencer.  Your skin gets extra sensitive during pregnancy, and mine has been very touchy lately.  I skipped the mask and will try it when I'm home on maternity leave in April!  

And well... the Hershey Kisses... do I even need to explain?  I share those with my little ones as a 'treat' after dinner or lunch.  They love them and the portions are perfect.  I keep them on the kitchen counter for EASY access when I need a chocolate fix.  

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