Sunday, April 22, 2012


Baby girl has learned to climb and pull up on any object that is semi stable. She is only 8 months old! I don't want her to grow up yet! She only learned how to crawl about 3 weeks ago, but shows no interest in crawling. She would much rather walk around than crawl!
She picked up her brother's sandwich remains and ate what she could.  Nutella is her new favorite thing! 
She's not afraid to wear that Nutella either. 
Can you see those little bitty teeth!?  She has TWO on the bottom.  Sometimes when she's chewing on her own foot she catches her toes on the teeth and then cries!  She's pretty dramatic!
This is the SCARY place she likes to climb and stand.  The bathtub.  She isn't afraid though.  It doesn't matter that she falls at least once or twice in each bath or that she hits her lip or nose on the side of the tub.  She continues to climb.  Fearless. 
Elizabeth is SO curious and SO attentive to everything we do.  Nosy little girl, just like her momma!

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