Saturday, April 28, 2012

Donuts for Dinner

He is so excited about this donut he's about to devour....

Friday at school we processed almost 300 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts as a fundraiser for cheerleading.  You would be SO PROUD to know that I only ate ONE.... at school... all day long.  When I headed home from school, we had a grocery stop planned.  I was talking about donuts and Hayes overheard me.... so when we stopped at Publix we bought a box.  Hayes had a bite of one before we LEFT the parking lot.  Then he ate TWO more for dinner.  And after that he had a piece of chocolate cake.  Daryk ate one donut on the way home.  I had 1 donut before dinner last night and 2 this morning for breakfast.  Hayes had 2 more for breakfast today!  He did eat real food for lunch and dinner today.  Thankfully the donuts were all gone by then.  And yes, that doesn't add up to a dozen... the wonder-sitter Jordan, had some today while she was keeping the babes!  Awesome.  I'm an awesome mom because we have donuts for dinner AND breakfast.  :)

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