Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home Again

I encountered some serious frustrations with my travels this week. You know when you travel, things just don't work right? Your body gets in a funk and such? My body thinks that the beach=endless eating all day long. WHY is that!? I'm pretty sure I ate all day every day while we were down there. I came home to a very frustrating number on the scale. Two days HOME and my frustrating number is gone and I'm back to a normal Carrie weight. I'm still trying to lose this baby weight, but I know it will come off eventually.

I found that I really missed my babies while I was gone. Don't get me wrong, I SO enjoyed my time away from them. I enjoyed sleeping in (until 8:30--ha ha) and being able to go & come as I pleased. But there is something about being a mom that changed me, forever. I got to FaceTime chat with the babies on Monday afternoon and I found myself teary eyed because I missed them so much!

I was so excited to see them upon my return on Tuesday afternoon. Hayes just RUNS and hugs my legs or neck (if I can get down there fast enough) and Elizabeth does that leg-kick-happy-grin thing that's just hilarious.

Things that happened once I got back...
1.  Hayes went to use the potty and stood up like a big boy! He loves doing that and thinks it is awesome. He doesn't like that the pee dribbles on those last few drops and gets on his toes. Not a fan.
2.  Elizabeth has learned how to display the champion pose. Indicated here....
She was celebrating the Cheerios she just consumed.

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