Sunday, April 15, 2012

A week ago...

We celebrated a risen Savior.  I am so thankful for Easter with my family.  
Our family changes so much every year.  We add new babies and other friends join the party.  We lost our beloved Papaw last August and that was huge for us.  We were missing Caleb.  

Sean and Bethany were kind enough to join us and my MIL came with as well.

The egg hunt proved a huge success!  Hayes had a BLAST!  He found 'mo' eggs' as he would say.  He was surprisingly good at finding the eggs. Sometimes he even found the ones we missed.  

He even shared some of his winnings with Elizabeth.  He could tell immediately the difference between the hard boiled eggs and the plastic ones containing goodies.  No candy for us this year!  We tried to keep the eggs healthy.  Ish.

She really enjoyed eating grass and chewing on some eggs that dyed her mouth a shade of green that matched her flower hairbow.

Have I mentioned that she's mobile?  She's into pretty much everything.

I love my little family.  I am so proud of how we work together and how much fun we have together.  I love that Hayes has such a look of confusion, disgust, serious on his face.  I love that Elizabeth is smiling with her WHOLE body.  And most of all, I love that we are all there and having a fantastic time.  Even Daryk is smiling.   

Life is so much fun.

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