Thursday, May 31, 2012

Throwback Thursday--Gymnastics

I'm a little behind this month.  The last month of school.  Trying to pack up my classroom, plan for summer, and wrap up all the loose ends makes May insane!  Plus, we have prom, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Graduation, Baccalaureate (which I know how to spell without looking), and finally the BIG gymnastics performance.

I don't think I could have been MORE pleased with this big kid at his gymnastic performance!  
He was such a joy to watch and laugh at!
He started his performance shy and timid, but was a shining star by the end of the hour.

He 'wowed' all of us with his beam skills.  
**Thanks for the help Mrs. Brandi!**
 Showing off his handstand skills. 
 Look guys!
We can crawl backwards on this beam thing here on the ground.
Or not...

 Forward rolls on the mat. 
 And lastly, showing off his muscles for the crowd.  
He is so stinking cute I can't STAND it! 
 So very proud of my 2012 Douglasville Gymnastics Olympic Athlete!
Thomas Hayes Cochran--you are the apple of my eye.
I love you so much big boy!
One year ago we were starting gymnastics and you could barely walk without running into...
well everything.
Now, you are a more coordinated little man with some mad tumbling skills.

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