Thursday, April 3, 2014

12 days until Spencer arrives

Today I went to the doctor.  I am officially 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant as of today.  I am tired and hot and cranky and ready to be able to roll over in bed without cramping or hurting or falling out of the bed.  I am beyond ready to have a belly that sorta looks normal-ish.

38 weeks:  baby is measuring about 18 inches long (the size of a leek, in case you operate in weird vegetable language), her organs are fully mature and ready for life outside the womb, and she's huge.  No, seriously.... she is.  My doctor asked me today how big the last 2 were and I reminded him (he's not my regular doctor, so I won't hold it against him) that they were both rather large.  He said her head was about 1-2 inches smaller than my hips actually spread.  He informed me that I should be thankful I wasn't born in the olden days or I would have died in childbirth.  So thankful for modern medicine, it has allowed me to have 3 children and I love them.  The doctor today really wanted to 'check' to see if I was dilated any, and I just laughed at him, but I let him check.  Anddddddddddddd nothing.  Nada.

This belly is heavy and I've gained about 35-40 lbs total, depending on the day.  I'm so pleased with that, considering that I gained about 60 or so with the first two.  I am certain that I could have been more active this pregnancy and that might have helped, but I also have a full time job, 2 small children, and multiple responsibilities outside my home to fulfill.  I'm okay with it.  Not perfect, but better.

I'm tired of wearing maternity clothes.  I'd honestly prefer NOT to wear anything until I deliver, but I'm sure that's illegal and at the very least, scary.  I am just uncomfortable.  It is getting warmer and that is really not fun!  I am thankful that we have had a pretty brutal winter and pretty chilly spring.  I have not been swollen at all, so I'm still able to wear my rings!  Unheard of at 38 weeks for most mommas!  I have been eating pretty much all things that are NOT nailed down for the last 2 weeks but I'm not gaining weight... thank goodness.  I did however, gain 6 lbs in one month and since then I've gained nothing.  Awesome.

I don't sleep great, but I do manage about 6-7 hours most nights.  I obviously spend plenty of time trekking to the potty as well.  Baby girl is also very active 3-4 different times at night.  She loves to wallow between 9-11 pm and 2-4 am.  At this point, she's so large that it literally takes my breath away OR makes me feel like I need to go pee immediately.  My doctor pointed out today that movement is good and that it indicates that she's healthy.  Movement makes me feel like I might be dying or losing other major organs...

Our house is almost ready for her.  Her crib is ready and Libby's big girl bed gets put together this weekend.  She has a new mattress and she's ready for some big girl bed sleep!  I'm in process of washing all the itty bitty baby clothes so that Spencer will have something to wear once she arrives.  Bibs are clean.  Burp cloths are clean.  I think I'll work on packing a bag next week.

A couple of things are still lingering on my to-do list, but they are not all baby necessary...

  • clean out Hayes and Libby's drawers and closets
  • make a donate pile
  • pull up my 'after baby clothes' from the basement
  • wash all pack and play sheets/gear
  • rearrange car seats so that Spencer is up front and big kids are in the back
  • pack our hospital stuff
  • clean out bathroom cabinets and discard crap
  • wash all bottles (because I'm a compulsive weirdo)
  • clean the house well before she arrives
  • cook and freeze about 10 meals (again, weirdo)
Thankful that SPRING BREAK is next week.  I have 2 more days at school and then I'm out for a week before SB is born.  12 days and counting people.  12 days.

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