Thursday, April 24, 2014

Almost home.

Caution:  this will be a husband/dad brag.  Read accordingly.  Or skip because you aren't interested...

This man is wonderful.  Last year about this time he looked at me one night after dinner and said, 'If you really want to have another baby, we better get it done soon.  You have until August and then we are done trying.'  My heart almost leaped out of my chest!  I had just left the doctor's offices a few weeks prior with a birth control prescription and I hadn't filled it yet since we were not quite decided on that plan or not...  I know he wasn't too sure about baby #3, but he knew I really wanted one.  Sure enough, we 'tried' for about 3 months and we got pregnant by August.  We actually found out we were expecting SB the last week of July.  I was thrilled!  

I have the best partner.  He knew that this last baby was a true desire of my heart and he let me have it.  Yes, I could have created a surprise baby.  Yes, we could have had an accident.  I don't believe that would be a good way to bring a baby into my family.  Not to mention the whole, 'lying to your spouse' thing.  Yeah, just not okay.  And he listened to me complain and whine and fuss and be grateful and loving and a bit hormonal for 39 weeks and 6 whole days.  He listened to every single bit of it.  He reminded me that I chose this and that I wanted it.  When I got tired he rubbed my feet or rubbed my head.  He didn't complain when his 'daddy work load' got harder because I could do less.  He stepped up the game.

He has always been a hands on dad.  He does bath time every. single. night without fail.  He helps fold tiny clothes and puts them away.  He helps dress a little girl who changes her mind at least 3 times each morning.  God help us when she becomes a teenager....  He brushes teeth and wipes bottoms and kisses all the boo-boos.  He cuts up food and cleans up the kitchen.  He does everything I ask him to do and goes above and beyond any expectation I had for a spouse or a father.  I am so blessed.  
But this 3rd baby journey was harder on me than the other baby journeys.  Caring for 2 littles at home while being pregnant is HARD.  Women who have lots of children are to be admired.  Period.  It was more difficult than I anticipated.  Physically, my body is tired.  3 babies in 5 years is no small feat.  Emotionally, this baby was difficult to carry and the delivery was difficult too.  My body has taken a beating and this recovery has been, and is STILL challenging.  I am taking it one day at a time and trying to let my body heal.  Daryk has stepped up, again and is taking great care of me, my big kids, the baby, and our household.  I never doubted that he would, but it is hard to cry it out and just let him help.

I am fiercely independent and would like to think I can do everything all by myself.  I wonder why my 2 year old says that same sentence all the time... and I find myself having to ask for help this go round.  I needed a lot of it from the start, and he's been here the whole time.  He held me when I cried because I was tired and too hormonal to function.  He helped me out of bed when I couldn't get up alone.  He has been amazing.  I am thankful to God for him every minute of every day.  I couldn't have chosen a better partner to 'do life with' than this man.  

And just because every post should have a picture of THIS cuteness...
There you go.
A baby bunny with socks for hands because she had Wolverine size claws upon delivery.  
And she has the best cheeks ever.
The end.

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