Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Sometimes I need a reminder that this child brings more joy than sorrow.  I need a reminder that she is precious and wonderful.  Often times she makes me feel like I need medication...  She has more personality in her little finger than most people will have in their lifetime.  She brings more laughter and joy to my days than most people ever will... but she also makes me want to hurl myself out a window.  I love her.
I've loved her for so long that I forget what I did before she came along.  From the first minute I learned I was pregnant with her big brother, I wanted HER.  I wanted my girl.  A girl.  A little mini me to dress up and play with... well... I got her.  My girl.  The little mini me.  Stubborn, caring, sensitive, head-strong, and opinionated.  She is more precious to me than I'll ever be able to explain, even with the bad days.  I wouldn't trade her for the world and I cannot wait to meet her sister.  She makes me more patient, more loving, more frustrated, and more affectionate every single day.  She is my Libby James and she is hysterical.

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