Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Days to SB

5 days.  I have 5 days left to be a parent of just two children.  Though, technically I've been a parent to 3 children since early August 2013.... the government will recognize this life within my belly in 5 days.  Hopefully, not sooner.  I am just NOT prepared for her to come early.  I have literally arranged every detail I can imagine to have her on Monday and if she shows up early it will rock my world.  MUCH more so than she is rocking my belly...

She is a blessing.  Spencer Brynne Cochran is my final 'planned' blessing.  I have to laugh at all the people who tell me to just have another baby and make it an 'accident'...  Y'all, I can't do that.  I cannot lie well and I know that would be a terrible idea.  Seriously, I'd make the worst poker partner ever.  It would be a useless experiment.  So IF you hear that I'm pregnant again, you'll know it was literally an accident, as in... we didn't plan it on purpose.  We would both be shocked and terrified and delirious.

Today I go to the doctor's office for my last pregnancy visit with SB.  I have 5 days left to her arrival date and I'm anxious!  I'm ready to meet our newest Cochran and see her face.  I want to smell baby smell and I'm excited to change diapers.  I cannot wait to see how she impacts our family and our lives.  I am overwhelmed to see my babies all together and for Hayes and Libby to meet Spencer, finally.  I am still debating the kids coming to visit Spencer in the hospital... not sure if that's a wise move or not?

The plan, as of now, is to deliver via c-section on Monday, EARLY.  Caroline is coming to stay with the kids Sunday night and Aunt Patsy will come early Monday morning to help get them to and from school.  MawMaw is coming to stay with kids Monday evening/overnight until Wednesday evening.  Papa and BeBe will be here with the kids until we get home from the hospital Thursday (I hope that's when we get released)... I am fairly certain that BeBe will be the one bringing us home from the hospital.  Daryk has a track meet and he needs to be there Thursday.  Realize that the 'trip home from the hospital' is not important to me.  Save me the comments and lecture about how he shouldn't be coaching because he should be with us... I get to decide what's best for my family and the drive from N'side to Winston isn't important to me.     

I'll be home with the kids, the husband, and the newborn on Friday all day!  Here is hoping that the weather remains beautiful and that the temperatures are friendly to some outside time for me and SB.  I am thrilled for this new chapter in our lives.

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