Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Goals: October Update

My 2014 To Do List

  1. I am going to grow plants this summer.
    I didn't grow one thing.  Unless you count that bean that sprouted on the front porch by accident.  
  2. Run races.  As in, plural.
    I've got one in November.  Fail.
  3. Buy the dang minivan.
    I love Melly the Minivan.
  4. Build my business.
    I love my Mary Kay.  I am having so much success with sales this month.  I am so excited to see my MK career take off!  I cannot WAIT to quit teaching and help women change their life!
  5. Paint and decorate the kid's rooms.
    Rooms are done.  Been done.  Still have things to hang....
  6. Plant flowers in the yard this spring and summer.  I love seeing my neighbors lovely yards and I'd like to have my own this year.
    I am working on a bulb collection now.  I also have pansies on the back porch to plant!
  7. Develop a budget/plan to save for future Disney trips and eventually yearly passes.
    My first luxury goal with my MK money!
  8. I would love to be able to use my blog as a venue to make some extra income for my family as well.  I am going to investigate that and look for income via my blog while on maternity leave.
    I haven't looked into this, but I have been diligently increasing my traffic to the blog and plan to continue that through Facebook and Pinterest.  Hopefully I can be blog famous one day (or at least make mom-ney, so I can stay home)...  Ditto this for months...
  9. Purge.  Clean out the closets, rooms, drawers, cabinets, and garage and rid this house of unnecessary objects, clutter, junk, and excess.  We need to learn to live with less and be happy with that.
    Diligently working on this one room at a time.  It helps to know we are done having children.  I can free up lots of clothes, toys, etc.
  10.  Wake up earlier during the week and make time for myself.  Enjoy coffee, or a book, or the quiet.  I could make breakfast for myself or the littles, or just put on my makeup like a normal person.
    I am not a morning person.  I fail at this daily.  I am better about getting up in time to get all my stuff done, but I still have work to do in this area!

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