Thursday, October 23, 2014

Disney Faves

This is the last post I have for Disney World.  I am so glad we took this trip.  I'm not sure if I thought all the kinks out or imagined all the crappy scenarios.... but it was a lovely trip.  It rained every single day.  It prevented us from traveling back to MK twice, but it gave us some rest time and some time to enjoy the pool.  We hauled a 3 seater stroller off and on the bus about 19 times.  We ran through MK in the POURING down rain at least once.  I nursed a baby in the parks, on the bus, and at the pool.  I had more fun watching my husband sing along to 'Let It Go' in the Frozen sing along than I imagined I would.  I found that we all have a ridiculous love for this place that  makes us act like kids.  

My favorite ride always... even if the song is crazy annoying.
The look on the faces of my children while floating in a boat through this ride is priceless.
Not sure if she's scared or impressed...

Still not strong enough to get that sword out...

My favorite castle in the whole world.

Prime dining area at our hotel.
Tables for coloring sheets AND a tv.

Sweet baby sleep at the hotel.
Girlfriend can sleep anywhere at anytime.

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