Thursday, October 9, 2014

Be Our Guest Dining Disney World

Our first day at Magic Kingdom we were lucky enough to get reservations for the Be Our Guest lunch at Beast's Castle.  I selected our meals prior to our trip and they were ready for us shortly after we sat down.  Hayes refused to eat ANYTHING while we were there and finally fell asleep sitting in the booth.  I know he was tired because he hasn't fallen asleep while sitting up since he was a tiny tot.  Spencer was really pleased to get to eat some lunch while the rest of us waited for ours.  

That's my cupcake.  With 'The Grey Stuff' that they sing about in Beauty and the Beast.   And just for the record, it was delicious and my dishes didn't get any of it.  

After lunch we let the kids have ice cream.  Libby makes a giant mess while she eats hers.  Hayes barely touched his enough to eat it.  

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