Monday, October 6, 2014

Disney Junior!

Waiting for the BUZZ ride at Hollywood Studios with my main squeeze!
We rode this ride first thing in the morning and had a fast pass for later in the day as well.  No matter how hard I try, I still cannot beat Daryk's score.  Its my ultimate Disney goal.  I guess as long as I am losing, I'll make sure we get to go back often so I can try to beat him...
I got to 'wear' Spencer while we rode this ride and the Disney employees were very concerned about her safety.  Y'all--she's strapped in and not moving.  Swear.
Hayes was mesmerized by the Jedi training that day.  One more year and we will sign him up to participate.  I know his daddy will be pumped, jealous, and thrilled for that picture opportunity.  

And after that, Disney Junior live on stage.  
I'm pretty sure this is the heaven my children dream of.  But I'm just guessing....

Even Spencer liked the dancing and singing we got to watch.

Every child in that theater jumped up and down the entire time.  I love this show!

This was one of my favorite moments this trip.  Libby made a friend on the bus while she was watching Disney Jr on her personal ipod.  This little girl didn't speak a word of English and neither did her family.  It was fascinating to watch them sing and laugh at each other while they watched Mickey.  I loved watching my girl make a new friend.  Before the bus ride was over, they had plopped down on the nasty bus floor and they were literally rolling around and laughing.  It was fabulous and they needed sanitation immediately.  

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  1. Look at that pony in the last pic!! Libby's hair is getting so long.