Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Animal Kingdom. Part 1.

Oh, I'll just throw a hissy fit right here on the bus at Disney World.  Don't you mind me.  I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary.  I do this often at home and they ignore me there too.  Princess Elizabeth wasn't happy that we didn't do anything to assist her in her time of need...

Andddddddddddddd this kid has about 90 chins.  She smiled the whole time we were there and I love her.  She was awesome for the entire trip.  She napped and didn't even fuss when she was beyond exhaustion.  

Our safari expedition was fabulous.  We did that first thing in the morning.

Did you know that there are different breeds of giraffes?  And that their patterns can vary?  Along with their size??  I had no idea.  Best part of this ride was that Hayes could point out every single animal by NAME and match them to the photo in the safari bus.

Ohh, hey Big Al.

The Festival of The Lion King.
Fabulous show.

Colorful with amazing performers and songs.

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