Saturday, February 16, 2013

ALX Wrestling

The Friday before we left for Disney was a crazy day! 
We always have wrestling state finals the week before we have that break in February.
I hate it.
It is the most stressful time in the coaching season and it kills my husband.
After it is over he is so tired he sleeps for about 10 days. 
Not really, but something like that.
He and his brother, Sean, work so hard for 4 months and then they crash, hard.
Watching the rounds on Friday.
They watch with such anticipation and excitement.
I can't imagine what their blood pressure is.
I know mine is through the roof while watching and I'm not the coach.
And among the disappointment, you have moments like this one.

Deandre won a state title.
This kid.
Ummmmm, you know those kids you see that have an amazing story that is heartbreaking and sad?
He's that kid.
And instead of being that kid who falls between the cracks or uses that as a disadvantage
he uses that and motivates himself to do better.
He worked SO hard for this title and I couldn't be more proud of him!

Such joy in that moment!
He's our little machine that never stops working.
And he won.
Well deserved.

Three state champs this year!
Not too shabby ALX!
ALX Seniors. 
So proud of those boys!
And that sweet little baby is Kendall, my niece.
You can read allllll about her and her mommy here at New Beginnings.
She is clearly amazed by her feet, I mean, the champs.

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