Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update Checklist 2013

I set myself some goals this year.
Not a 'new years resolution', but an actual SET of goals.  

And here's my update for now... 

1.  Run one race a month.  Half marathon, 5k, 10k, something.  Every month.
I'm going to need a small loan to finance all those races.
I didn't run a race in January.
Between being super poor and living on teacher welfare, I chose to avoid that expense.
I did however log almost 50 miles in January.
I'll just have to run an extra this summer to compensate for it.

2.  Pay off all the medical bills.
Between the summer of ear infections and Daryk's gall bladder... we have a handful.
Thankfully, we also have jobs to pay for them.
And auto pay through our bank which is all set up and should be done paying in August.
In progress.
Almost done paying for Elizabeth's birth.
Good thing they don't repo your kids for slow payment....

3.  Pay off Daryk's truck.... and buy a minivan.
There, I said it.
We're buying a minivan.
Daniel says I should make Daryk drive it.
I think he would do it with pride.
And he would rock it.
Debating this purchase in August-ish.
Closer to the end of the year for sure.
Hoping to bank some money for a down payment before we splurge on the amazing minivan!

4.  Learn to focus on the task at hand.
Stop spending time trying to accomplish 14 things at once, do one thing.
Finish that task and move to the next one.
This will be the biggest struggle for me.
I'm working on this one!
I have been doing much better with this at work.
Just have to wrangle my home tasks to this goal....
I have a REALLY hard time staying focused on ONE thing until I complete a task.
Hence, this is my GOAL for this year.

5.  Grow a summer garden consisting of tomatoes and herbs.
I love tomatoes in the summer.
And I'd LOVE to be able to cook with fresh herbs all summer.
I'll let you know how this goes when the weather stops being bipolar.
Also, when spring hits I can plant flowers and such.
For now, we're all freezing, literally.

6.  Create or craft something new every month.
Doesn't have to be a HUGE craft or creation, but something,  nonetheless.
Turned an old diaper wipes box into a hat box for the garage for the kids!
Used scrap fabric and covered it, then stuck it out in the garage for hats!
So proud!

7.  Play soccer with grown ups.
And have fun.
This should start around spring-ish.

8.  Read one book every month for fun.
Grand total of 12 books.
If I read MORE than that, I'll make myself cupcakes.
Just got a new book from my favorite author of all time....
Jill Conner Browne.
Fat is the new 30.
Go buy all her books NOW.  

9.  Use my food dehydrator for fruit and such.
New adventures for healthy snacks for me and the kiddos.
Working on this soon.
I should probably get the dehydrator out of the box first...

10.  Blog at least four times a week.
Ehhhh, 15 blogs in January.
Clearly, I need to work on this one a little bit.  
But that's an average of 3 per week... so I'm not too far off!

11.  Print pictures of my kids every month to give or mail to my family.
Complete failure this month.
I'll get on that stat.

12.  Paint and decorate.  this.  house.  
Starting with the kitchen.  
Like, yesterday.
Ughhhhhhhhhh, waiting on my beloved tax return.
You know that money I earned that someone else took....
When I get that back, I'll be browsing paint colors at Lowe's.
Y'all are coming over to help, right?

13.  Organize the bleeping garage.
Will be the death of me and a never ending task, but alas, it must be done.
I cleaned off one shelf.
Bad news, we have about 20 shelves.
Looks like this one will keep me busy ALL year long.


  1. Scott refuses to even consider a minivan.
    Also, I almost got fired up just thinkin about the tax return thing. It's ridiculous, right? I say we charge the government interest.

  2. I was the one who didn't really want the minivan, but I think it is the best investment at this point. Especially if I can convince Daryk I need another baby. :)