Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's my birthday. And I swear I'm only 31.

My husband loves me. 
He is so sweet and surprises me this morning with THIS!

Make a wish charm for the almost fulllll pandora bracelet.

And these.
I love Disney movies with some weird level of obession.
I made a list of the ones that I didn't already have and he got me two that I was missing from my collection.
I'd like to pretend they are for Hayes and Elizabeth, but they are for me.
I have a whole drawer full of them at home and I just let the kids watch them.
If you're reading and you want to buy me Lilo and Stitch, that's on the top of my list!

My brother in law tried to pretend he helped pick it out, but I know better.
I love it! 
You can go get your own from this etsy shop.

I'm so pumped for my gifts and another year on this amazing planet.
My last 31 years have brought such great things and I am thrilled to see what the next year holds!

The last two gifts of the day. Mickey phone case for myself, from.... Myself.
And THE Magic Bullet from my brown child Don! Yay for smoothies and such.

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  1. yay happy birthday! I'm a loser and didn't know...oops. But I really honestly thought you were like...27.