Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby Names & stuff

I have two little people.
I had about 500 names picked out before they were born.
I had about 200 left after I got married and realized I would have to share naming duties.
Ehhh, compromise.

Our rule was that we both got to pick one of the names for the kids.
The other had to give a final thumbs up, but we each picked ONE name.

We are both teachers.
We get 900 crazy names a year.
Seriously, we compete to see who has the craziest new names each year.
I swore I would not name my kid anything too crazy.
I prefer traditional names that people can look at, pronounce easily, and spell without question.
I also swore I would not use their middle names as their name they 'go by'...

Eating. those. words. 

Thomas Hayes came first.
We wanted to call him Hayes, but Hayes Thomas just didn't work as well.
We gave it the 'yell off the backporch' test to see how it flowed.
And it didn't.
Thus, Thomas Hayes it is.
And he's Hayes.
He's named after lots of important people on my husband's side of the family.
His grandfather, George Thomas and his uncle, Tommy.
He got Hayes from my grandfather, who had awful first and middle names.
We were going to keep his name a secret,
but gave that up when my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer
about halfway through our pregnancy with Hayes.
I was horrified that something would happen before Hayes was born and Papaw would never know his namesake. 
We let the secret out of the bag and I think everyone was pretty pumped.
I get a lot of random questions about why his name is Hayes and Haze.
Well, we're not stoners.
Never were, so Hayes is a family name... not a leftover stoner name.

Elizabeth James is such a regal sounding name.
She's a stinker of a girl though.
Quite prissy and a very sassy girl.
It suits her.
Elizabeth is my favorite name ever.
It is my middle name and my momma's middle name.
And I'm quite certain it is the best name ever.
James came from Daryk's grandmother.
She was James Helen and he loved her the best.
He talks about her like she is an angel.
He loved that woman so much that I wish I could have met her.
Actually, everyone talks about her like that.
And I'm pretty sure that our Elizabeth James is going to be just like her.
Sweet and sassy.
A little bit of fire and a little bit of grace.

So there you have our names.
Well, their names.

I'm hoping to add another one to my list next spring!
I have a running list in my phone just in case I need it.

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  1. Thanks for joining the linkup! Sorry I'm so late in commenting, but I love the names you chose. I am a sucker for classic names and Hayes is such a fresh take on a family name.