Friday, March 1, 2013

Disney Arrival

Our trip to Disney was broken into several legs.
We started Saturday night in Macon and drove from Macon to Vidalia.
We got to visit with some of our family in Vidalia before we jetted out of there Sunday morning.
Had breakfast with some of our favorites from Toombs County and then hit the road!
Sunday morning Daryk drove until we hit the Florida state line.
We stopped at the rest stop and had some fresh oj and a snack.
Kids loved it.
Stopped for lunch in Jacksonville, at a McDonalds... bad idea.
Our final stop that night was in Eustis with some family for another family sleepover.
Monday morning we got up, finished laundry, and headed out.

This was baby girl in transit to Disney World.
She was so excited to wear her glasses.
Before we headed to property we stopped at Target for some groceries.
We stopped for lunch at Chick fil A (since we wouldn't be eating that alllll week).
I survived without it for 5 whole days though, aren't y'all proud?
Playtime was necessary to make sure we got a good nap in the car before our time with Mickey.

My kids were thrilled to be going to Disney World.
After lunch they both napped in the car on our way to Disney.
Well, actually everyone napped in the car.
Daryk slept from Eustis to Orlando.
It took us about an hour with all the tolls.
Pretty sure it cost us $20 to drive to Disney just in tolls....
Lets not even discuss how much the gas was...

I literally almost cried when I pulled onto property and saw that sign.
I glanced around the car and saw that everyone else was asleep.
I was all alone in my happiness at that moment!
It was so exciting for me!
As soon as we found our resort I checked us in and got these amazing buttons for us!
Thanks Disney for making this a whole package deal!

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