Monday, February 10, 2014

Alllllll up in your junk

In case you ever decided to come visit... this is what you would find and exactly how you would look.
Elizabeth and Hayes have no concept of personal boundaries and don't really care to learn.
They spend plenty of time all up in your junk.
They will climb on your lap or up your legs or on your head.
I have to fight them to keep them off my belly.
I'm sure Spencer Brynne wouldn't mind, but I can't handle them all squishing me from every angle...
Leigh Anne got her very own taste of it... 
Bless her.
And she couldn't even escape it.
They were attacking her from all sides.
With her own slipper no doubt...
No escaping the affection of the children.
Leigh Anne comes over to do wedding prep and gets attacked.

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