Monday, February 3, 2014

Frozen and Brave

Those just happen to be two of my favorite Disney movies.  We watched Brave Saturday night at home and we went to watch Frozen in the movie theater Sunday afternoon.  I took both children to see a movie in a theater.  AAAAAAAlllllllllllllllllllll by my very own self.

None of us died.  There were no accidents, not even for the giant pregnant lady.  I put Elizabeth in a pull up just in case, but she did a fantastic job.  Can you please explain to me why the child can go through a 2 hour movie with no accidents but cannot seem to manage that when we are at home!?  She plowed through enough popcorn to kill a small animal.  I stopped on the way to the movies and got them both some m&ms.  I saved those for that point in the movie where they had become restless and wanted to get up and go frolic in the aisles.  We also got ourselves a large popcorn upon arrival.

Hayes was determined to have 'movie snacks' and popcorn fit the bill.  I was able to get some extra little plastic trays for their popcorn.  I didn't really want to have to pass the popcorn back and forth.  Turns out, I should have just taken a bucket for Elizabeth.  She literally ate half the giant bucket.  I ate the other half.  It had extra butter and was delicious.  Hayes at 2 bites.  He also had a pack of m&ms.  Elizabeth also used her tray for the m&ms.

I packed water and sippy cups just in case the urge for a beverage struck us.  I really wanted a giant Coke Icee, but I didn't get one.  Yay for me.  Also, we scored bonus Regal points and got ourselves a free small popcorn and a free movie ticket for next time!  Elizabeth was very upset upon learning that the movie was over and we had to leave.  She cried the whole way out of the mall and home about wanting to 'go see Frozen' again.  I believe we might have to go watch it again, and soon!

In case you haven't seen the movie, you really should.  Though, at this point it might be worth waiting until March 18th for the video release... That was my original plan, but I am thrilled that I decided to go to the theaters instead.  I have always been a Disney film lover and most importantly, Disney musicals!  Frozen is both of those things, Disney and a musical.  The vocals are phenomenal and the vocal talents used are all very well respected vocalists.  I dare say that the soundtrack has already been purchased....

Oh, and just 3 days after I drove in nasty snow and ice to get my car, I wore flip flops to take the trash out to the curb.  Again, winter.... temperatures... pick one and be consistent!

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