Monday, February 17, 2014

Daddy Time

This man.
This man who is the father of my children is an amazing human.  He comes home from wrestling practice and gives my children a bath every night.  He sits with us at family dinner and then cleans it up too.  He plays with them each night and manages to say prayers with them every night before bed too.  He lets this little girl squish his face and hit him on the head with a hairbrush brush his hair every time she asks.  He will even sit with them in the chair and let them squirm all over the place while they ask him 90 questions.  
He talks about super heroes, dinosaurs, and Disney movies with Hayes.  He makes faces and teaches him important things about being a big boy, like how to pee in the toilet and not on my bathroom floors...  He spends time coloring 'art' with him and uses every opportunity to teach him something.  He sings silly songs and will dance around the living room if Hayes asks him to.  He helps Hayes choose his clothes every single day and he even makes sure he matches.  
I understand that not everyone gets the whole 'married to a coach' lifestyle.  I knew he was a coach when I married him.  I didn't anticipate that this 'wrestling family' would become mine by default, but I love them too.  I'm grateful for the friendships and the love that community provides to my family as well.  I'm thankful that my husband, the coach, comes home to love on my children after working all day with everyone else's.  He shows my children so much through coaching.  
His love for wrestling and those wrestling kids is phenomenal.  Hayes and Elizabeth both know all those guys as 'daddy's boys' from wrestling.  As far as they are concerned, all those boys are their friends too.  I'm so proud of my husband, the coach.  Sure, there are nights I resent wrestling.  Most of the time I'm tired and the kids are trying my patience and I'm ill about the fact that I'm doing the 'parenting' all alone.  I know I'm not the only mom doing things by myself... and I know that I'll have my parenting partner home soon enough.  

And you know what, he's a darn good partner.
And parent.
And husband.
And I love him for all of those things.

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