Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hayes Date

The ELC always does Father's Night for the kids at school.  They aren't in school for Father's Day, so dads get a special night once a year. Luckily, our times didn't overlap and Daddy was able to enjoy time with both babies!  I got time with my big baby boy while his sister was on a date with her Daddy at school.  We went to Yogli Mogli (which is ice cream mountain if you ask Hayes) and he ate sprinkles.  I'm pretty sure he had 2 actual bites of yogurt and the rest was sprinkles.  He also talked with the girl who worked there about her big belly like mommy's.  I hope she was really pregnant...
It isn't a good night our unless you get some selfies.  We took a few, just in case.  

I don't even know how he makes this pirate face all the time, but he does.  It is now his signature face.  I give up trying to fix it or deal with it.  I just have to laugh.  

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