Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Five long years=a whole hand.

Engaged 2008.
Married 2009, but nobody knew yet...
First married vacation... also pregnant!
Became parents January 2010.
Celebrated our chunk child summer 2010.
Pregnant with #2 November 2010.
VERY pregnant with #2 summer 2011.
Day before we became a family of 4, August 2011.
Family of 4 and my 7 chins...
Toddler activities fall 2011.

Baby love fall 2011.
All smiles as a family of 4, spring 2012.

Christmas 2012.
Spring 2013, maybe a family of 5 on the way?
Happiest place on earth... can I go back NOW!? 2013
Christmas 2013, family of 5 on the way...
Celebrating birthday #4 for baby #1.
The first Georgia snow of 2014...
5 years.
2.85 babies.
2 houses.
1 new minivan.
Lots of love.
And a family that God built.
Every day is a blessing and I truly believe that.
Yes, I am Suzie Sunshine and I'm ok with that.
Celebrating 5 years of marriage, family, and sharing life with Daryk this week.

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