Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We may or may not have watched one of those links on YouTube where they have movies that haven't quite made it to a video source just yet.  One Friday night long ago in a land far away we watched Frozen.  The next morning the same link didn't work.  They cried.  I cried.  We all shed a tear for the movie that wasn't....

So I promptly called my BFF (who shall remain anonymous--for her own protection of course) and asked for a copy of the movie she technically didn't already have either.  Mind you, both of us have already pre-ordered it from Amazon and expect it to arrive on the correct ship date in March, but there was NO way my children were going to understand that we had to WAIT 6 more weeks.  Wasn't going to happen.

Bless my anonymous BFF and her husband for sending a copy right along our way!  We secured it JUST before the nasty ice storm (round 2) in Georgia and watched it at least 8 times in 3 days.  The entire family has roamed around singing every song at the top of our lungs for the last 2 weeks.  You don't know the words?  YouTube it.  Learn them.  You'll thank me later.

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