Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

Sweet handprint for Mother's Day

He looks just like his daddy. 

Yesterday I got to have tea with Hayes at school.  He and his buddies in class had a GREAT time showing off their art work via SWEET handprints and cute picture frames.  I arrived a few minutes late (true to form) and was worried I would miss the whole thing.  Hayes ran to the door, and Ms. Dawn opened it.  Then Hayes grabbed my hand at the door and 'escorted' me to the table.  He had his snack, and most of mine, while we enjoyed his friends and I chatted with the other mommies!  I so enjoyed the chat with Suzanne, Stephanie, and Sunshine.  His teachers, Ms. Robbie and Ms. Dawn, were fun to talk with too.
This is the picture in the frame that Hayes gave me for Mother's Day.  He was playing in the 'big kid' playground at school (the big kids were on a field trip to the elementary school) and he obviously was having fun.  His sweet smiles are something I look forward to all the time!  Hayes is such a joy and so much fun to be around.  Just look at that sweet grin and tell me that you didn't smile back! 

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