Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mall Date

Miss Piggy over here eats more than her big brother on ANY given day.  She ate 3 chicken nuggets and about 5 giant fries from Chick fil A a the mall tonight.  Baby girl is not missing any meals and she certainly doesn't have any food aversions like her brother.  Although, I blame myself for that. 

As a first time parent I was terrified to give him anything that I wasn't supposed to (though I don't know who's rules I was following, because I basically made up my own for most of his infancy/toddler days) and he doesn't eat much other than fruit because I was afraid he would choke, not be able to chew, etc.  Hayes didn't get most of his teeth until he was almost 15 months old.  I should have been giving him everything he wanted before that, and after so he would eat like a normal person. 
Mom of the Year, right here.

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