Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Daryk reads his new book after feeding Elizabeth.
Sunday was Mother's Day. 
I did exactly what I wanted to do. 
Had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. 
More specifically, had pancakes at Cracker Barrel. 
Best.  Breakfast.  Food.  Ever. 
Went to church with my family. 
Had pictures made at church, wrestled Hayes trying to get a good picture. 
Probably didn't get a good picture because I was wrestling Hayes. 
Took a nap. 
Post nap window browsing with my main squeeze.
Everyone took a nap.
At the same time.
For about 3 hours.
It was amazing.
Had Burger King for dinner because I didn't want to cook. 
Played with my babies after dinner.
Dinner Saturday night with my old man faced 2 year old.
He just loves saying cheese.
And he loves his Ye-Ye.
Plus, he really liked hanging out with his cousins Hunter and Reese.
For Mother's Day I got new running shoes and a new Otterbox phone cover.
Exactly what I wanted (and bought for myself 2 weeks ago).
And Daryk agreed we could go to Disney World in October. 
Happy Mother's Day to ME!

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