Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Part 1

There was a lot of napping involved. 
This is Polly.
She is one of our family's dearest friends.  
It is safe to say she's probably been witness to many important moments in my life.
She is a precious woman and someone I love spending time with.
Such a sweet spirit in her heart.

And this is PawPaw.  
We all know he loves a good nap.  
We also know that when he gets tired he rolls his foot around in his sock in his recliner.
I guess the lawn chair duo was acting as his recliner for the time being.
He worked hard and played hard all weekend.

You can see this kid spent more time sunbathing in the nude than anything else.
He drew on the sidewalk with the chalk in the nude.
He ran around all day Sunday nekkid.
He refused to remove his swimming shoes, though.
Deep love for those.  Or he's just afraid of hurting his little bitty feet.
He's so pasty white.  
You would never know that we spent 4 days at the lake.

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