Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sheldon in Training

Have you ever seen The Big Bang Theory? 
You know Sheldon, the freakishly organized and routine oriented character? 
I'm pretty sure I'm raising a similar child. 
He has to have things IN PLACE. 
He doesn't like for his hands to get sticky, or be dirty, or to touch gooey things. 
He lines up things in his bed every night, just so, in his sleep order. 
Mickey here, Minnie there, his sleeping cow from Chick fil A (thanks Yee-Yee), his blanket, his pillow, his book, the juice. 
Everything has to be jussssssssst right, or he has a MELT DOWN.
Technically, he prefers his Daddy to line everything up.
Apparently, he does a better job than I, but in case of emergency, I'll do.
This is a prime example of Rain Man/Sheldon-esque behavior.
We lined up the chalk before we could draw on the floor of the garage.
Then we knocked it over with the tractor.
Rinse.  Repeat.
And don't you DARE touch the chalk or move them out of the order that HE put them in.
Meltdown follows.

I believe my friend Kisa said it best, he did get that organizational gene honestly.
Don't believe me, just check the 9,000 baskets and bags and bins that organize my cabinets and closets.
Or check in the clothing closets... we color coordinate everything.

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