Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yesterday Daryk and I had a conversation (debate) about him using the CORRECT baggies when making our lunches.  I mean, I probably shouldn't complain or fuss because my husband is KIND enough to MAKE my lunch.  But the compulsive freak side of me just cannot let him continue to use the wrong bags.  He didn't think there was a difference in the two.  Clearly he is wrong.  He was using the Freezer bags for our sandwiches and chips.  I explained that they are more expensive... etc... don't use them for the sandwiches!  I'm sure all he heard was 'nag nag nag nag nag' and such....  He didn't believe they were different, so as soon as I got home I documented the evidence with a photo and then tweeted it.  BOOM!  I win.
When did this little nugget (as Leigh Anne would say) get so BIG!?  She's climbing all over the place and is into EVERYTHING! 
I miss the little baby part! 

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