Friday, May 18, 2012

Meeting Maggie

My best friend in all the land had a baby girl 8 days ago.  
I finally met her today.  
She's precious and tiny and makes me smile.  
Her name is Maggie Louise and she's perfect.  
She has tiny toes and a tiny nose.  
Her itty bitty mouth is the cutest thing I've ever seen.  

I also got to see my other favorite human, Lauren.  
Her little angel is Braelyn (I hope I spelled that right) and she's so cute!  
She's a little bit younger than Elizabeth and I'm pretty sure she's the prettiest baby girl ever.  
Her big brown eyes and her soft skin are just amazing.  
She just grinned and drooled on us this afternoon.  

I didn't take pictures because I'm a terrible friend and I looked horrible this afternoon.  :)  
But I got to talk to my friends.  
And we got to have adult time.  
And we talked about stuff that made me laugh.  
And I love them. 

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