Thursday, January 31, 2013

I had to quit Target.

I had to quit Target this month. 
I used to go to Target once a week just to browse and gawk.
I love to shop there!
I wanted to try and 'quit' Target for a whole month to see if I could manage.
I survived.
I even managed to save some money for Disney World next month.
Actually, the reason I quit Target this month is because we were living on Teacher Welfare.
Y'all know what that is?
I mean, most people tend to think we live on TW every month, but we don't.
We get paid once a month.
Shock, horror, I know

But we survive.
I guess for some people it would be an adjustment, but I don't know much different.
Sooooooooo, once a month.
You pay the bills and then you have what's left until the end of the month.
The end.
Except in January.

We get paid the Friday we get out of school in December.
Usually the Friday before Christmas is payday every year.
Sometimes it is EARLY in December, but in 2012 it was December 21.
The paycheck on December 21 has to cover alllllllllll of January and the remainder of December.
This year I decided that since we were going to Disney World and living on TW I would tighten up.

So, no Target.
I did go on Tuesday afternoon for batteries for the garage door opener.
I can't live without mine and I knew Target had the correct size I needed.
We also stopped at the snack bar.
I got a hot dog and the kids got gummies.

Quitting Target taught me that I actually like having money to save.
It taught me that I can survive without going to browse or shop once a week.
I learned to fill my time with other things and I found it quite liberating.
I've enjoyed this month of Teacher Welfare and plan to continue my frugal experiment this year!
Right after I blow some dollars at the outlet malls next week....

Ironically, breaking up with my scale has caused all my pants to be too big!?
**insert happy dance and squeal here**
Except, now I need new pants! 

Holy snot balls!
17 more days to Disney World!

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