Sunday, May 12, 2013

Practice Round in Pictures

My sister Kathryn got married on Saturday.
We had the rehearsal dinner on Friday at Foxhall Sporting Club.
It was a fantastic time had by all and I will show you via pictures.
The evening started with a super short rehearsal and a great dinner.
We played corn hole, bocce ball, and walked around barefoot.
The kids got backpacks, chalk, coloring books, and bubbles.
Kitty knows the way to their hearts!
The food was amazing and I'll be visiting food trucks more often!
After dinner and dessert the food truck ended up stuck at Foxhall.
Always an adventure with our events...

This is Sir William Pitts and his new BFF Hayes.
They threw the bean bags way high in the sky and Hayes loves him.
These are my amazing and beautiful sisters.
I couldn't love them more.

This is the gorgeous couple enjoying the evening.
Cutest little girl I know...
He was sharing his cookie.
Write it down, doesn't happen often...

My sister, the bride.
Her wedding weekend was the best one I've ever been a part of.
Can we have a do over?
The bubbles in action.
We shall call it the blur.
The best babysitter/extra sibling ever.
Seriously, my entire family was so thankful for her help this weekend.
Couldn't have done it without her!
Probably a more accurate representation of the relationship...
And my amazing momma.
I appreciate her so much.
Her love is endless and her work is never done.

And the man of my dreams.
He's got tattoos and he watches weird movies.
He told my cousins this weekend that he wasn't the "Ken" I had dreamed of...
but he's perfect for me. 
I'd marry him again any day of the week.

and just for the record....
I love his gray hair and my lipstick.

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