Friday, May 24, 2013

Taste of Douglasville

Last weekend we spent Saturday morning wondering if Elizabeth was ever going to wake up.
She slept until almost 11!
Hayes and I built sky scrapers and towers with his blocks and his trains.
He has plenty of legos... I promise, but he chose the wooden blocks for this project.
Elizabeth finally yelled for us at almost 11 and we started the laundry for the day.
She got up, helped me start the laundry and then went to lay back down again!
Rotten.  Girl. 

After lunch we headed to see BeBe at the Taste of Douglasville outdoor festival downtown.
We had ice cream, pizza, and got animal balloons.
Elizabeth had on a new pair of shoes and then she lost one shoe.
It was the VERY FIRST TIME she had worn them and I was NOT happy!
After about 30 minutes of backtracking and some help from my student Haley, we found it!
After our snacks and the lost shoe we pranced through THIS puddle lake.

She looks so pleased.

Synchronized swimming/diving etc...

I love them.

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