Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Annnnnd, that's a wrap.

The wedding involved some climbing...
No groomsmen were harmed during the shooting of this photo.

Sheldon Cooper ladies and gents...
I'm raising Sheldon Cooper.
Lined them up first, then organized by color, then ate his favorites last.
He is my child.
Lord help us all.

Best looking crew out there.
We sat and waited in the rain for what felt like hours....
But I'm pretty sure it was more like 45 minutes-ish.
Kathryn didn't even know her dress would double as a blanket during such a time.
We were trying to keep warm and dry!
Luckily we had a beverage delivery service from the 'mens.'

They were troopers and did a great job that day!
I don't think anyone understands the magnitude of my worry from that day.
I was TERRIFIED that my children would ruin everything.
Throw a fit, run, cry, scream, you know... the works.
Worst thing that happened was that we had to keep them DRY long enough to get them to the wedding.
Also, Elizabeth filled her diaper with a lovely surprise about 2.5 seconds before go time.
She sported the dirty diaper for a stroll down the aisle.
Thankfully no one was close enough to notice!

Papa is the only one with legs long enough for this to be a game.
She tries it with the rest of us and it doesn't end well.
She usually falls backwards or makes me fall over.

We all danced.
Even this chick.

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