Thursday, May 2, 2013

The dryer.

We have lived in the new house since August 2012.
I love the new house.
I do not love my appliances in the new house.
The fridge we bought from Craigslist was a STEAL.
It is also my favorite appliance to date.
It is HUGE and amazing.
And y'all know I love to cook, so an awesome fridge is a requirement.
No major issues with the fridge.
The icemaker didn't work, but that was a cheap fix and now it is glorious.
Ice, water dispenser, and tons of storage.

The dishwasher is also amazeballs.
It is a BOSCH and came with the house.
It grinds up food so I don't have to pre-rinse plates.
HOLLA---I hate pre-rinsing plates.
That's why I have a dishwasher, hello?
But the electronic board on that had to be replaced in January...
Thank you Elizabeth, curious child who pushes all the buttons....
It was NOT a cheap fix.

I do not love the dryer vent in the new house.
It has caused all sorts of issues for me and my dryer.
Dryer has worked fine until we moved.
It is a 2006 dryer... so it is getting older.
Do appliances age?
My dryer has had two fuses trip/blow/whatever since August.
Thankful that my Dad is super handy and able to help me fix it.
This past weekend it bit the dust again.
I removed the switch (with Dad's help and coaching)...
Switch is fine.
Heating element works.
Dryer will not TUMBLE clothes....
But it will heat them up and catch on fire in a heart beat.

So, we have disassembled the back of the dryer to take it ALLLLLLLLLLL to the store for testing.
Also, we cleaned out the dryer vent as best as we could.
Holy smokes.
Daryk used a shop vac to 'blow it out' the side of the house from inside last night....
And the kids and I watched about 90 years worth of dryer lint fly.
It was soooooooooo nasty.
Here's hoping that we get the dryer fixed soon 'cause carrying wet clothes around is crap.

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  1. Carrie! I wish we could have visited while we were up there. We had about 5 spare minutes while we were there...we were trying to get our house rented, but that was a failure. We'll be up for Maddy's birthday in July, and even if you can't come to the party, we'll try to visit