Monday, May 20, 2013

Party Time

I think this picture captures their loving/annoyed relationship perfectly.
She is grinning and loving that she is annoying him.
He is clearly annoyed because she is in his personal space and touching him.
Love it.
Sibling love at its finest!

I'm sure this is his 'CHEESE' face!
He was at his end of the year picnic with his friends in class.
Shout out to the best babysitter ever!
My former student, now friend, Jennifer is the best.
She has loved my children and been so great this school year!
We are so thankful for her!

Hank and Hayes in their shades.

Hayes the ladies man.
I love it!

Her hair.
My nemesis.
Can it just be long already?
I'm ready to braid it and such.
It looks like a MESS!

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