Thursday, May 9, 2013

And here's what you missed...

This is her standard look. 
Or two... two blankets.

This is his standard look.
Big smiles.
And the dimples.
It is usually accompanied by the belly laugh.
I love the belly laugh.
It is my favorite thing in the world.
I never ever want to forget how that sounds.

Then there is this look.
I don't know what in the world could be better than this...
Her tiny little body just exudes joy.
She radiates happy, except for when she's being defiant or disobedient.
And she only does that at least 5 times a day...
Otherwise, pure joy.

Patience is not her virtue.
She got irritated with the ice cream cone and slammed it down.
Juusssssssssssssst like her momma.

These moments.
He is so sweet.
He loves her.
He is so sweet to everyone.
Remind me to write a post about what his teachers wrote about him in his evaluation.
Worth a whole entry for that information...
Oh, and this.
These moments.
I wouldn't trade the dirty laundry, the never ending questions, and the sibling fights for the world.
They argue like crazy.
They spit and kick and hit and push and shove and yell at each other...
But in the end of it all... its lovely to be together.
They are my world.
The crazy, nonsense, picky eater, big brother...
The silly, loving, defiant, 'I'll eat anything' baby sister....
And the daddy who helps with housework.
And yardwork.
And laundry and bathtime every night.

They rock and I love them. 

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  1. My favorite family on this planet, love the Cochran clan!!