Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Prep

My hair was a filthy mess when Layla got started Saturday morning.
But dirty hair stayed put all night long.
Also, I felt like she was doing brain surgery and stabbing the bobby pins into my scalp.
But I looked fabulous, so that's all that matters...

My favorite girl named Carrie doing the makeup for the other 'maids.
Emily looked amazing and Carrie did a fantastic job!
I enjoyed getting to catch up with Carrie and chat while she made them all beautiful!

Megan's hair was flawless.
Also, her house is amazeballs and I need to hire her to decorate my house.

I caught the bride in mid tweeze....

Jessica fell in love with tiny doggies.
I think she wanted to take them home.
This pup was a pro at begging to be held and for food.
No shock that the pup followed Jessica all day long.

Face almost done and hair was complete.
I waited on eye makeup until I was sure I wasn't going to cry anymore.

I think I ate all the cucumbers and broccoli that was present that day.
I love my fresh veggies!

All our dresses were the same shade o' blue... but different styles.
I loved them!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd they had pockets. 

Part of our gifts and the shoes Megs and I sported for the reception.
We should have packed rain boots...

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